IT Support Services

After years of study and research, we at Professional Technology Integration, Inc. have come up with a methodology for deployment and delivery of our services that accommodates a smooth transition from your current state and ensures a trouble-free, smooth platform for your computing needs.


Initial Meeting and Introduction

In our methodology, first we sit down and discuss your needs and expectations. This includes a study of your mission-critical applications. During this phase, we identify the critical components of your business which rely on your IT infrastructure.

Site Survey

In our next step, we make site survey and inventory of your hardware and software and identify components that need to be supported, maintained and possibly upgraded to replaced.


Standardization is a major component of our service. This step covers brining your software, hardware and firmware to the current level and application of vendor service packs and patches. In this phase, all your servers, firewalls, switched and other main components of your network are analyzed and very likely reconfigured to make sure they are set up correctly according the industry best practices standards.

Security Analysis

A basic security analysis of your network is made to make sure there are no serious holes in your network. Although no network is 100% from intruders and hackers, this step make sure that major components such as firewalls and virus scan software are set up correctly, functioning and up to date.

Training and Education

Without proper education, no network can function properly. Therefore, we take extra steps to make sure that your employees, managers and executives are familiar with your operations of the network and what to do if they have problems.

User Feedback

A continuous stream of communication is kept with the key individuals and users of your network to make sure everyone is able to access and utilize the features of your network.

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