Frequently Asked Question - I applied for a position. When will I hear back?

I applied for a position. When will I hear back?

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Thank you for applying.  When positions are posted, we have on average 3-4 business days to submit applicants to the Hiring Manager.  If you are a match, supplied all required information and documents and applied within the 3-4 business days, your application will be submitted.  A recruiter will call you to confirm submission.

The Hiring Manager will review all candidates submitted and may call you for pre-screening.  If you are called for pre-screening, please be sure to answer the phone, respond to all questions accurately, and acknowledge Professional Technology Integration, Inc. as your submitting vendor.  If you missed the call and received a voicemail, please return the call as soon as possible.  After pre-screening, the Hiring Manager will pick the top 3 candidates for an interview.  If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified with the interviewing details.
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