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Position: CJIS Liaison/Trainer (Ref: 8891)
Location: Hartford, CT 06105 USA
Duration: 10 Months 15 Days - Contract
Openings: 1
Deadline: 11/28/2021
Pay Rate:Login


We are seeking a CJIS Liaison/Trainer who will be responsible for communicating, coordinating, and gaining compliance with a targeted goal of over 10,000 end users.

This position will be a critical Liaison/Trainer that will be responsible for supporting the CJIS Governing Board Implementation team’s efforts to successfully implement the new application. This will require an extensive communication and requirements gathering effort with current and future users and stakeholders. The focus for this position is to advocate on behalf of the CJIS Group to bring awareness of changes. Additionally, this person will assist in the implementation of these changes that will be needed to gain the benefits and integration efficiencies the new application will provide.

This individual will be responsible for the communication and coordination of tasks required while facilitating the successful rollout of new workflows as part of integration.

Responsibility will also include coordination and facilitation for the onboarding, along with other Liaisons/Trainers, of over 10,000 new search users.

The Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Liaison responsibilities include:
• Train Users for Certification. Train-the-trainer will be included.
• Develop the informational materials, presentation content and resource documents.
• Evaluate effectiveness of the various iterations of the application presentations and communications.
• Provide situational awareness (SA) communications when needed to make CJIS team aware of any issues needing immediate attention regarding participation.
• Update informational content based on enhancements to the application and source systems as needed.
• Facilitate and document feedback from users and agencies to enhance training and system performance.
• Facilitate the scheduling and perform the application demonstration sessions for individual stakeholder agencies.
• Facilitate the scheduling and perform group demonstration sessions for multiple stakeholder agencies.
• Work closely with staff as Liaison between CJIS and other staff members for the implementation of Search and Workflows.
• Work closely with the Search Project Lead and the Workflow Deployment Project Manager to develop and present program status to all regional and statewide meetings.
• Work closely with the Standards and Training Council as necessary to facilitate user acceptance and rollout.
• Ability to accommodate a flexible work schedule to accommodate presentations and meetings at various locations and times.
• Maintain knowledge of the program activities and act as the conduit between CJIS management and all stakeholders.
• Facilitate and coordinate site activities required to support the implementation, in conjunction with representatives from the sites team.
• User Impact Assessment (UIA).
• Stakeholder (leadership, managers/supervisors, end user) involvement, communication, education, and training (site leadership, managers/supervisors, end users).
• Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) Drills.
• Informational / Training material development and delivery.
• Role mapping.
• Responsible for the organization, facilitation, and management of focus groups for the gathering of requirements and feedback for phase II enhancements.
• Provide a weekly status report to program leadership that describes activities occurring and highlights any activities, issues, successes, or challenges. The report is to be submitted to the designated leadership/program authority no later than close of business on Friday or the last workday of the week.
• Champion the project to the community to enable the successful implementation of new search and workflow functionality.
• Champion changes to workflow methodologies inherent in everyone
• Champion changes to current workflow within individual to ensure the seamless integration of the new workflows.
• Ensure all workflow changes originating from staff do not negatively affect current Judicial workflow processes.
• Manage questions or requests for information from stakeholders, resolve issues, and work with the CJIS team to provide the necessary responses.
• Provide timely resolution or escalation of deployment related issues to the project management team and CJIS leadership.
• Ensure clear communication between the CJIS team and stakeholders.
• Perform other duties assigned by CJIS Executor Director.
• Working directly with staff to onboard and integrate with the new system will require routine onsite visits.
• The Liaison will need to have their own transportation, at their own expense, for routine onsite visits to offices.
• Prior experience in the Public Safety field, preferably Law Enforcement.
• Extensive knowledge of:
- Police Policies and Procedures
- Extensive knowledge of the day-to-day activities of Law Enforcement operations.
- Records Management Systems (RMS) concepts and practices
• Familiar with computer Systems, Applications, and integration methods
• Proficient in the use of programs such as but not limited to: MS Word, Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Visio, Adobe Acrobat
• Possess a working familiarity with Networking, Storage, VPN, Remote Access, Authentication technologies, Web applications etc.
• Strong communications skills, verbal and written both technical and non-technical writing.
• Ability to use multiple forms of electronic communications to reach the Criminal Justice Community.
• Hold, at minimum, an associate degree in either Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Engineering, or Mathematics, or related field or commensurate experience. Hold, at minimum, a high school diploma AND retired from a CT Police Department.
• Skilled in Criminal Justice business processes.
• Able to work independently with minimal supervision.
• Proficient in working in a team environment, managing conflicting priorities, and meeting deadlines.
• Skilled in providing information in a clear and concise manner.
• Demonstrates strong organizational skills and the ability to manage complex situations.
• Maintains excellent interpersonal and negotiating skills.
• Able to work with Police Department Command Staffs to obtain positive CJIS-desired outcomes and obtain increased Police Department participation.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Authentication Technologies (Required 4 Years)
  • Electronic Communications (Required 4 Years)
  • Interpersonal/Negotiating (Required 4 Years)
  • Networking/Storage (Required 4 Years)
  • Technical Writer (Required 4 Years)
  • VPN/Remote Access Systems (Required 4 Years)
  • Web Applications (Required 4 Years)

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