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Position: SQL Server DBA (Ref: 8607)
Location: Hartford, CT 06106 USA
Duration: 8 Months 8 Days - Contract
Openings: 1
Deadline: 05/05/2021
Pay Rate:Login


We are seeking a SQL Server Database Administrator to support migrating the legacy Microsoft Access Applications to Microsoft SQL Server. The department has roughly a dozen IT supported Access applications that were built by business units over the last 20 years (pre-Access 2013). Some of these applications support mission critical business functions and are beginning to have compatibility issues with newer versions of Access (2019 & O365). These applications have previously had the front-end split from the backend. This position will be fully remote and the individual selected will be provided a virtual machine they can RDP into with the necessary tools to complete their work.


• Migrate Access backends to SQL Server.
• Update existing front ends to point to new data sources (SQL Server)
• Modify front-end VBA code as needed based on any changes to DB structure during the data migration (ex: datatype changes)
• Modify VBA code to allow for use with either 32-bit or 62-bit versions of Office.
• Provide guidance and mentorship to other development staff who will be working on this effort as needed.
• Work with apps hosting team to optimize and streamline how Access databases are setup and accessed on users’ virtual desktops.
• Will work under the immediate supervision of and will report to the IT Supervisor.
• Coordinate with Business staff for testing/validation of changes
• Provide documentation of implemented changes.
• Any applicants should have a demonstrated ability to work well in a team environment and should have previous experience converting Access databases to SQL Server.
• In addition, the candidate should have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Microsoft Access (Required 5 Years)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Required 5 Years)

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