Job Details

Position: Esri Data Manager (Ref: 7275)
Location: Atlanta,GA,30308,United States
Duration: 1 Years 3 Months 5 Days - Contract
Openings: 1
Pay Rate:Login


Esri Data Manager will upgrade and implement changes to geodatabases. Provides ETL functions for processing data into Esri geodatabases through Esri Model Builder, Workflow Manager.

• Performs geospatial data processing/ETL and publishing of data into enterprise geodatabases
• Acquires, maintains, and disseminates GIS data in support of activities
• Maintains currency and completeness of enterprise geodatabase data, metadata, and geoportal
• Ensures completion of data updates and facilitates resolution of data governance/quality issues
• Controls GIS data security, access, distribution, and retention
• Replicates, synchronizes, and restores geodatabases
• Creates data caches and tiles
• Troubleshoots and supports end user data compression, versioning, and multi-user editing workflows within geodatabases
• Implements data security and access controls
• Implements geodatabase design standards
• Creates and supports Active Batch, Model Builder, Workflow Manager, and FME jobs
• Supports raster data in Image Server
• Performs geodatabase administration, configuration, tuning, and performance monitoring in hand with Oracle DBA’s
• Develops and updates spatial views and data views in hand with Enterprise Data Warehouse Team
• Develops geodatabase design documents, metadata, data models, and schemas
• Facilitates GIS data interoperability with Bentley Microstation transportation design plans

Required / Desired Skills

  • Bachelor’s in Geography, GIS, Computer Science, or a related field (Required 4 Years)
  • Esri ArcGIS geodatabase development, editing, analysis, and QA/QC (Required 5 Years)
  • Esri ArcSDE replication, versioning, synchronization (Required 3 Years)
  • Microsoft Office (Required 5 Years)
  • Python scripting and Esri Model Builder (Required 3 Years)
  • Batch data loading and scripting experience (Required 3 Years)
  • Safe Software FME Desktop/Server (Required 2 Years)
  • Experience in working with or supporting Esri Parcel Fabric data model (Required 1 Years)
  • Experience PL/SQL, SQLPlus query skills (Required 3 Years)
  • Experience working with or supporting Esri Roads and Highways data model (Required 1 Years)
  • Knowledge of Oracle RDBMS (Relational database management system) (Required 1 Years)
  • SDO geometry/Oracle Spatial & Graph experience (Required 1 Years)
  • Ability to multi-task, detail oriented, and have strong organizational skills (Required 1 Years)
  • Accountable and results oriented (Required 1 Years)
  • Data analysis, problem solving, and troubleshooting skills (Required 1 Years)
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills (Required 1 Years)
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment (Required 1 Years)
  • Esri Geoevent Processor experience (Highly Desired 1 Years)
  • Workflow Manager Extension (WMX) experience (Highly Desired 1 Years)
  • ArcGIS Portal/Online Administration experience (Highly Desired 1 Years)
  • GISP or Esri Technical Certification (Highly Desired 1 Years)
  • Bentley Microstation ETL experience (Highly Desired 1 Years)

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