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Position: Telecom Administrator (Ref: 6547)
Location: Alpena,MI,49707,USA
Duration: 1 Years 0 Months 12 Days - Contract
Openings: 1
Pay Rate:Login


We are seeking a Telecom Administrator to install, configure, and support the organization's telecom requirements and commercial WiFi network and infrastructure. The employee(s) assigned to this position works daily resolving customer issues, troubleshooting and resolving telephone and telephone switch issues and maintaining the base Emergency 911 phones. Additionally, this position is tasked to act as the primary point of contact for maintaining the base owned WiFi equipment that supports the commercial WiFi across the installation.

• Provide Voice and Data Telecommunications support to ensure the operation of the Nortel/Avaya CS1000E PBX, Nortel/Avaya Call Pilot Voicemail, and Air Bus Vesta E911.
• Service requires the contractor to independently survey the installation area to determine work methods, tools, and materials required to accomplish the project.
• Requires the operation of computer and voice systems devices, repair and maintenance of same, and administrative support to the program.
• 2-4 years of experience in the field or in a related area.
• Install, inspect, repair, and maintain all internal voice and data switch assets, including equipment, cables, and wires.
• Independently review work orders and layout sheets, building plans, floor plans, circuit schematics and descriptions, and manufacturers’ technical guidance to select equipment and circuits required.
• Install equipment (i.e. backboards, relay racks, central processor unit, trunk cards, line cards, and station cards) to ensure the desired number of lines and stations are provided.
• Ensure all technical devices, computers, telecommunications components and devices, are operational for use. Demonstrate and explain features and proper use of all new equipment installed.
• Understand the use of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model to include networking and basic Internet Protocol (IP) configurations.
• Schedule with building custodians to access the telecommunications rooms.
• Review and update telephone switch configurations with phone roster information for all employees.
• Ensure that telephone switch configuration documents are updated as changes are made, and backups are performed after the changes.
• Ensure updates are made to the Automatic Location Identification (ALI) database to provide accurate information to the E911 system
• Maintain equipment (Nortel/Avaya CS1000E PBX, Nortel/Avaya Call Pilot Voicemail, and Air Bus Vesta E911) as necessary, to include operational testing, repair, and troubleshooting of identified systems.
• Troubleshoot telecommunications problems as they occur in the telecommunications switch and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) configuration and associated computer equipment. Perform tests to verify that the newly installed equipment functions properly.
• Install, maintain, and configure voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephones.
• Troubleshoot, test, and monitor commercial telecommunication circuits to ensure connectivity
• Extract and release information from databases, phone switches and call detail systems, according to specific criteria and in strict compliance with established policies, procedures and/or regulations.
• Provide support for client departments on specific requests and/or programs.
• Perform voicemail support to customers to include mailbox setup and password resets.
• Knowledge of copper core and fiber optic transmission principles
• Knowledge of telecommunications and information system cabling is highly desirable
• Must possess a Security+ Certification
• Security Clearance of Secret a requirement.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Ability to troubleshoot and repair telecommunications switch(es) and Private Branch Exchange (PBS) configurations and the associated equipment (Required 2 Years)
  • Candidate must have experience in maintaining Nortel/Avaya CS1000E PBX, Nortel/Avaya Call Pilot Voicemail and the Air Bus Vesta E911 systems (Required 2 Years)
  • Must be knowledgeable of voice-over IP (VOIP) protocols and telephones and have demonstrated troubleshooting abilities as relates to VOIP (Required 2 Years)
  • Candidates must have a demonstrated background in customer service orientation, issue resolution, and ability to train end customers (Required 2 Years)
  • Candidates must have the ability to work autonomously – independent of direct supervision (Required 2 Years)
  • Candidates must have or be able to obtain military security clearance of at least Secret Clearance (Required 2 Years)
  • Candidates must have active Security+ certification (Required 2 Years)
  • Citizenship and an I-9 verification is required along with drug testing. (Required 2 Years)
  • Experience with the Automatic Location Identification (ALI) database that works with the E911 system (Highly Desired 2 Years)
  • Background or experience with installation of components that support a WiFi network (Highly Desired 2 Years)
  • Military background and/or experience and knowledge of military operations (Highly Desired 2 Years)
  • Candidates with additional network certifications (A+, CCNA, CISSP, etc) (Highly Desired 2 Years)
  • Candidate must have active driver's license (Required 2 Years)

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