Job Details

Position: Project Coordinator (Ref: 5234)
Location: Hartfort,CT,06105,USA
Duration: 2 Years 0 Months 22 Days - Contract
Openings: 1
Pay Rate:Login


The Project Coordinator will be responsible for the accurate preparation and timely dissemination of information to the CJIS staff, CJIS Community and Stakeholders. This person, working with the CJIS Executive Director, Program Manager and Project Managers, will perform all manner of office administration in support of the CJIS objectives. This includes writing, creating and documenting all presentations, reports and communications related to all CJIS projects. The main focus of the Project Coordinator will be to assist the Executive Director and his management staff in performing various administrative duties, writing and publishing a monthly newsletter, creating and editing PowerPoint presentations for Quarterly Board Meetings and other staff’s presentations to stakeholders, recording and preparing minutes on the Quarterly Board Meetings and other CJIS meetings, updating and filing the bi-annual Legislative Reports, assisting in document preparation, and researching, discovering, analyzing and coordinating information at the direction of Executive Director.

Specific Services Required
• Supports the Executive Director in all matters relating to CJIS and its Governing Board.
• Supervises office supplies and processes orders for office supplies.
• Works as a team member and assists other CJIS executive staff and project managers as needed. Tasks can include sending meeting invites, emails, presentation preparation, document creation, information research and analysis, discovery, distribution and/or photocopying, taking minutes, etc.
• Interviews subject matter experts for articles and other written materials.
• Writes the bi-annual legislative report that encompasses project updates and overviews.
• Prepares and assists in the preparation of reports, papers, manuals, minutes and presentations.
• Prepares or assists in the preparation of departmental policies, guidelines.
• Attends Governing Board and Governance Committee meetings and prepares documentation, manages material distribution, room/equipment/presentation set up, creates minutes and other items as needed.
• Edits the CJIS Website and uploads documents.
• Writes and/or drafts technical documents, articles or related material based on research, investigation or analysis.
• Reviews and edits the business or technical writing of others.
• Provides consultation, makes recommendations and gives appropriate advice.
• Assists other staff as requested.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite 6, including Adobe Acrobat Exchange, Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator. (Required 3 Years)
  • Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Outlook (Required 3 Years)
  • Experience with creating and publishing a professional monthly newsletter (Required 3 Years)
  • Ability to create graphics, illustrations and other visual materials (Required 3 Years)
  • Experience in website content management (Required 3 Years)
  • Strong time management skills while balancing multiple priorities (Required 3 Years)
  • Excellent analytical, writing, editing and proofreading skills paying close attention to matters of consistency, punctuation, grammar and detail (Required 3 Years)
  • Ability to understand and grasp technical information and translate it into a language that can be easily understood by a non-technical audience (Required 3 Years)
  • Ability to work with sensitive information and keep that information confidential (Required 3 Years)

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