Job Details

Position: Transportation Technician (Ref: 14267)
Location: Nashville, TN 37243 USA
Duration: 9 Months 11 Days - Contract
Openings: 2
Deadline: 10/02/2023
Pay Rate:Login


We are seeking a Transportation Technician that ensures safe and efficient traffic movement and monitors roadways including detecting, confirming, updating, and responding to scheduled and unscheduled traffic incidents, congestion, and travel time imbalances.

Tasks include:
• Senior level operator position performing functions with minimal supervision and to established procedures.
• To perform all duties and may defer the most complex issues to a supervisor.
• May serve as “shift team leader” to facilitate the smooth and balanced operation of the control room.
• May train new operators and provide guidance to more junior operators.
• To operate various computer-based traffic management systems to manage traffic and incidents on roadways and improve traffic conditions.
• To monitor roadways via CCTV surveillance cameras and detection systems.
• To monitor all traffic devices and computer equipment associated with the system.
• To maintain advanced knowledge on the operation of all traffic equipment, computers and software associated with the traffic systems.
• To utilize traffic equipment for incident management and the improvement of travel time, safety, and quality of life of the traveling motorists and toll customers.
• To continually check the accuracy and validity of the messages displayed on all DMS and 511.
• To be aware of all 511 messages broadcasted on a particular system.
• To enter incident information into computer systems using traffic software.
• To become familiar with the roadways and understand the purpose and location of each traffic device (i.e., detector stations, CCTV, and 511).
• To alert operator staff to new and existing memos.
• Using SOG to detect, dispatch, monitor, and document roadway incidents.
• To confer with partners (highway patrol, Service Patrols, Local Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, etc.) as well as adjacent Traffic Management Centers or other Regions to coordinate resources for incidents that may affect regional travel.
• To dispatch Service Patrols and assist Service Patrols with other tasks, such as phone calls, etc.
• To perform other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:
2 contractors needed for weekend shift:
• 4th Shift (2 contractors): (Sat,Sun,Mon)8:00am - 8:30pm

Required / Desired Skills

  • Experience operating computers (Required 4 Years)
  • Internet (Required 4 Years)
  • Experience as TMC Technician II level or directly comparable experience. IMSA Level III Technician and Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic (IMOT) Certification Preferred (Required 4 Years)
  • Good communication skills – oral, in writing, reports, clear communication over radio, dispatch experience (Required 4 Years)

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