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Position: Oracle DBA (Ref: 13026)
Location: Dimondale, MI 48821 USA
Duration: 1 Years 3 Months 15 Days - Contract
Openings: 1
Deadline: 03/21/2023
Pay Rate:Login



We are seeking an Oracle DBA.

• Design and supervise overall development of Data Mart and Oracle-hosted dimensional models.
• Create ETL designs to provide easy accession to data marts.
• Troubleshoot and resolve data model issues.
• Test and monitor alterations in designs.
• Maintain data marks in accordance with agency requirements and practices.
• Create database models which serve as blueprints for project engagements of all complexities.
• Develop data warehousing hardware and software platforms and integrate systems to ensure that integration is effective and meets client specifications.
• Translate business requirements and models into feasible and acceptable data warehouse designs.
• Design and oversee the implementation of data transformation and change processing procedures to ensure that data from multiple sources is aggregated, normalize, and update and then publish to multiple target environments.
• Establish data standards and policies, data modeling, systems architecture design, and migration system architectures to ensure access to and integrity of data assets.
• Develop strategies and parameters, to ensure cost effectiveness and system efficiency.
• Evaluate reusability of current data for additional analysis, while maintaining integrity and confidentiality of information.
• Develop data warehousing hardware and software platforms and integrate systems to ensure that integration is effective and meets client specifications.
• Provide maintenance, support, and assistance to specialist DBAs with installation and configuration of clustered database failover, database replication solutions, and database backup solutions.
• Install database management software and database patches in any environment.
• Review, install, analyze, and implement security patches to be applied to remain CJIS compliant, Payment Cared Industry (PCI) compliant, and Cyber Security compliant.
• Establish standards and guidelines for database space allocation based on best practices and implementation considerations based on business requirements.
• Measure and/or forecast current capacity, gauge the growth of capacity over time, and factor in the anticipated capacity requirements to determine whether the existing infrastructure can sustain the anticipated workload.
• Research, analyze, and determine appropriate changes to DBMS parameters to support future application and database needs.
• Research, analyze, and determine appropriate hardware changes to support future application and database needs. Report recommendations to appropriate DBA specialist and/or technical services.
• Implement data encryption.
• Perform Data Export/Import/Load and data transformations between databases in production environments.
• Perform production data file transfers between different systems, across state agencies, federal government, vendors, etc.
• Must have thorough knowledge of Oracle materialized views, Oracle partitioning.
• Perform database performance tuning by identifying index candidates, updating database statistics, using appropriate optimization techniques, optimizer hints and other methods. Document tuning procedures.
• Implement defined initialization parameters, database instance memory structures and physical data layout for optimal performance.
• Monitor database jobs and scheduled processes, perform troubleshooting, and provide resolution for any issues with jobs/processes as necessary. Document solution and provide root cause analysis.
• Coordinate with vendor support to address technical issues that could not be resolved in-house.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Experience in Data Modeling and desigining Datawarehouse databases (Required 8 Years)
  • Experience in Data Replication using tools like Oracle Golden Gate (Required 8 Years)
  • Experience in Oracle Database administration, PL/SQL, packages, security, and stored procedures (Required 12 Years)
  • Knowledge in design, development, implementation, and documentation of data systems. (Required 5 Years)
  • Experience in performance tuning (Required 10 Years)
  • Vast experience in LINUX systems (Required 10 Years)
  • Extensive working experience in RAC environments (Required 10 Years)
  • Experience using Oracle Data Guard / Fast Start Failover (Required 5 Years)
  • Database programming experience in data migration and conversion practices (Required 8 Years)
  • Writing Oracle packages, procedures, and functions (Required 10 Years)
  • Designing, creating, normalizing and maintenance of oracle database objects (Required 10 Years)
  • Designing logical and physical database model (Required 10 Years)
  • Data analysis and management (Required 10 Years)
  • Experience in developing using ETL software (Desired 8 Years)

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