Job Details

Position: Database Administrator (Ref: 11391)
Location: Nashville, TN 37243 United States
Duration: 1 Years 11 Months 25 Days - Contract
Openings: 1
Deadline: 08/12/2022
Pay Rate:Login



• Designs and reviews database systems; determines data resource needs; designs data structures following Office of Information Resources standards, procedures, and guidelines; resolves problems with incompatibility between application data models and overall data architecture; evaluates data model deliverables for conformity to Office of Information resources standards, procedures, and guidelines and user requirements; reviews logical databases to determine database design changes needed; designs physical database objects (e.g., cluster indexes, alternate indexes, physical database schema); constructs physical databases on appropriate system platforms; calculates database parameters; implements new or revised systems to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and adherence to technical standards.
• Provides technical assistance to other personnel involved in computer applications development; answers questions from application development teams and describes techniques related to database management (e.g., structured query language, coding performance, security authorization, problem resolution); clarifies system and user requirements for vendors; writes procedures to control migration of database components; grants appropriate user privilege levels; instructs other programmers and analysts to make changes to programs which result in better database performance.
• Monitors application systems performance and identifies performance enhancements to application programs and databases; identifies causes of poor response and turnaround times in database systems; recommends application data access changes (e.g., adding indexes, moving data sets, changing systems parameters); evaluates information gathered from users and other staff to establish minimum standards for services and determine impact of database changes on other systems; identifies service needs related to software and hardware improvements; runs system utility programs on on-line monitors to collect statistical data; recommends changes to database systems to ensure optimal performance and productivity.
• Performs daily maintenance, tracking and documentation of production database systems; creates and schedules database specific jobs (e.g., image copy utility jobs, reorganization utility jobs, statistics collection utility jobs, backup utility jobs, database recovery jobs); uses database documentation and knowledge of the system to determine necessary actions to recover from problems or failures; identifies system characteristics that provide information for ongoing database documentation; coordinates the database maintenance and implementation activities with programming staff, vendors, users, and overall data architecture.
• Develops and enforces standards, procedures, and guidelines to establish the operational framework in which database management systems are consistently and effectively utilized; reviews system requirements, current needs, current standards, procedures, and guidelines and corrects any violations; identifies changes that need to be made in repository facility to meet current needs.
• Identifies database software which can be used to solve existing problems or improve existing systems; researches and tests new products; evaluates and selects database software products which will enhance the performance and integration of data management tasks; writes computer programs which provide user-friendly interfaces and procedures to automate maintenance and reporting tasks associated with database facilities; reviews output and software documentation, monitors software packages, and talks to vendors and users to identify causes of errors in software packages (e.g., installation errors, exit code errors); instructs users in the use of database software to enhance database system usage, facilitate problem resolution, and maximize customer service.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Data Analysis (Highly Desired 4 Years)
  • Data Modeling (Required 4 Years)
  • Data Warehousing (Required 4 Years)
  • DBA (Required 4 Years)
  • JDBC (Required 4 Years)
  • Microsoft Access (Required 4 Years)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Required 4 Years)
  • MySQL (Required 4 Years)
  • Oracle (Required 4 Years)
  • Oracle 12c (Required 4 Years)
  • Oracle 8i/9i/10g (Required 4 Years)
  • Transact-SQL (Required 4 Years)
  • PL/SQL (Required 4 Years)
  • Linux (Required 4 Years)
  • Shell (Required 4 Years)
  • Windows 10 (Required 4 Years)
  • Windows 9x/2000/XP/NT/Vista/7 (Required 4 Years)
  • Backup and recovery (Required 4 Years)
  • Communication skills both verbal and written (Required 4 Years)
  • Learning ability (Required 4 Years)
  • Team work (Required 4 Years)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) (Required 4 Years)
  • Quest Software (Required 4 Years)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) (Required 4 Years)

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